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Oct, 19, 2003

Version 0.42 announced

Bugfixing, database backup, export and import from XML, give-get-drop commands implementation and number of minor enchancements.

Sep, 16, 2003

Version 0.41 announced

Database engine bugfixes, grant, force commands implemented, tests coverage increased, number of minor enchancements and commands.

Sep, 1, 2003

Version 0.4 is ready!

Online builder mode, database support for transactions, clarified persistent model and a number of enhancements.

Apr, 7, 2003

Version 0.35 released.

New persistence engine presented. PAiN is now pure Java application and ready to run on any platform with Java support.

Oct, 28, 2002

Version 0.34 released.

Prototypes redesigned. Implementation of Resets and WorldCalendar added. All bugs found in previous release has been fixed.

Oct, 21, 2002

Version 0.32 released.

Plugins concept added! Increased stablity and perfomance. More detailed impl of the old acts and new ones added

Oct, 5, 2002

Version 0.3 released.

Dynamic code reloading, several hundreds socials, colorized output and many other useful features supplied with this release!

Aug, 24, 2002

Version 0.2 released.

There are a number of new features implemented in this version. Check download area to get more release-info

Aug, 4, 2002

Initial source code released.

In order to attract developers attention initial pre-alpha sources published! Check Download area to reach it.

Aug, 3, 2002

First sketch of the site is ready.

Today is the birthday of this site. Now it's time to fill it with more news, more code, more ideas!

Jul, 29, 2002

SourceForge account approved!

I have received the notice from SourceForge crew about PAiN project has an own account. Actually project needs in more people to live and evalute. More coders, more architects and even simple english proof-readers for this site. (English is not my native language), so... any help will be appreciated!

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