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Jun, 29, 2006

The future plans for PAiN

The future plans of developments for the nearest year...

Jul, 4, 2004

Version 0.46 released

Modules framework for GUITool, improved collections support by PAiNDB, fixed bugs with online builder, new commands for sample mudlib and more...

Jun, 5, 2004

Version 0.45 released

Codebase/mudlib code separation, site/player bans support, roles hierarchy tuning, GUITool queries and more..

Mar, 29, 2004

Version 0.44 is ready

GUITool database browser, affects framework, new commands, bugfixing, source-only (ant makefile supplied) distribution.

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PAiN is a general purpose mud engine. It's designed to be an extremely flexible base to help build your own virtual world.
PAiN generalizes major benefits of the famous MUD engines and serves as theoretical base for a public research in programming methodologies, artificial intelligence and social sciences.

(see documentation area for more details)

Overview of features:

PAiN engine consists of several logic layers:
  • Pure Java database engine (transparent constant-time object access, tracking of the dirty state, transactions and savepoints support).
  • Static server code (connection handling, support for code reloading and base interfaces).
  • Dynamic reloadable set of action classes and plugins (virtual world logic code and plugins).
  • Graphical tool to administrate server and database

Credits & contacts information:

PAiN Mud Codebase is distributed 'as is' and not tested heavily.
Any help to project will be appreciated!
Distributed under the GPL license.
Last site update: June, 29, 2006

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